Super Inkjet Printer
The super-fine inkjet technology has a wide range of applications including fields to which super-fine inkjet control on a femto-liter level can be applied. Our super-fine inkjet system is compact and can be placed on a desktop. The system allows single micron scale patterns comparable to the photolithographic methods to be drawn directly under normal temperature and normal atmospheric pressure.



● Droplet volume:0.1fl (femtoliter)~10pl (picoliter), Line width 0.5μm ~ several dozen μm.
Viscosity range :0.5~10,000cps (non-heated).
Large variety of usable fluids:Conductive ink, Insulating ink, Resist ink, UV ink, Solvent ink, Protein material, etc.
Software:Easily programmable for printing.
Nozzle:Disposable, Low cost, easily-exchangeable.
Camera:Real-time observation, You can see what’s going on the substrate
Custom-made SIJ multi-nozzle:Custom-made multi-nozzle printhead* for SIJ system. The nozzle diameters, the nozzle pitches, and the number of nozzles are suitably designed for user’s print patterns and substrates.
*This product is designed and manufactured to best meet the user’s requirements. Discussion about the specifications is necessary.
Resist Marking Printer
This is an inkjet printer using PIEZO print head with an integral UV cure unit. It is designed for printing with specialized etch-resist ink and marking inks and designed as an engineered system to simply add and/or exchange inks. This printer can acheive a significant reduction of total process time by use of SIJ’s specialist inks.

For etch-resist ink and marking ink
High print speed (240 sec / A4 size)
Designed for ease of use — (a) Printing requires only 3 operations.(b)80% of conventional process time is reduced.(c) Addition of ink requires just 1 min.
SIJ Spray Coater
This is a spray coater using Super Inkjet print head. It was developed for the purpose of thin film.

Films of a few nm to 10µm are readily fabricated with this system
Viscosities of 1 to 50,000cps — compatible with various kinds of liquids
Efficient material use : over 90% liquid use efficiency — Suitable for spraying valuable and rare materials!
BIO Drop
This is a picoliter dispensing system using PIEZO print head. It is a powerful tool to dispense the various kinds of liquids such as protein, DNA solution, reagent, functional material and organic ink, etc. It has automatic filling and washing functions for contamination-free dispensing with a single print head.


Picoliter dispensing — 16 kinds of liquids available, Automatic filling & washing
Easy operation — Click-based programming, User-friendly interface
Control inkjet parameters while watching the real flying droplets, even during printing
UV Cure System for DMP 2800
The UV cure system is our solution to enhancing a Fujifilm Dimatix DMP 2800 series inkjet printer to give it inline UV pinning or curing capability. The available wavelengths are 365&395nm, 385nm etc.
Plating Primer Ink
Plating primer ink, “Metaroid PP” might be useful ink for production process of printed electronics products such as, OLED, E-paper and Organic solar cells. Precise nickel firms are site selectively grown on the “Metaroid PP” pattern, simply by ink jetting, drying and dipping in an electro less plating bath. [Examples of circuit pattern PI (left)/PET (right)]  
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